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ENOL, the keg's filling
· Stainless steel framed.
· With charging pump for no-sparkling wine (ENOL 1).
· With gas-entry for sparkling wine from autoclaves (ENOL 1/SP).
· Double junction for 2 kegs (ENOL 2) or with decanting gun (ENOL BIS).
· Arranged for different kegs.
·Very quick filling (1' - 1',30" for 30 liters keg).
Upon request kegs-washer (see below).

NB: In the order specify type and size of kegs. 

· Upon request for different types of tapping:

              B                               A
B - Tapping head "a scivolo"
A- Tapping head "a baionetta"

Decanting gun (for ENOL BIS).

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a KEGS-WASHER to clean and sterilize kegs
without unscrewing the junction.
· Steinless steel base and frame .
· Air working.
· Arranged for different kegs.
· Hydro-washer connection.
Upon request different types of washing machines (cold, hot, steam-washers).
Upon request 30 liters air compressor.



LAVAFUSTI for Tapping head "a baionetta" 74xh10825 € 1.155,00
LAVAFUSTI for Tapping head "a scivolo" 74xh10825 € 1.210,00

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Portata 11 l/min.
Pressione max 90 bar
Potenza kW 2,5 
Temperatura max acqua 90°C
Peso Kg 62
Dimensioni 64x65x61

€ 1.150,00


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